Breaker 17 Studio

Better Sound... Faster

Nashville Sound and Speed

We are the best sounding and fastest recording studio in the Chattanooga area.

You don't get a combination of speed and talent similar to this short of Nashville or Atlanta, and spending a lot more money.

Big Rooms, Big Sounds

Our rooms have the best acoustics around town. We don't just have small rooms with sheet rock walls and foam glued to them. We have some great wood covered walls and professionally treated rooms. We have a great 22 foot by 28 foot live room inside our 1,600 square foot facility..

Make the informed decision.  Listen to our work using the link above and swing by to see our big rooms that give you big sounds.

Schedule a tour by calling:

(423) 260-1902


Studio Recording

Location Recording



Stereo Mastering

Music Production

Sound Design/Audio Post

Voice Overs

Audio Restoration

Band Rehearsal Space

Why Bring Your Project Here

Because results matter. While recording, we take the time to get the sound right and do so quickly.  We can guide young artists through their first recording session and use our production knowledge to push your song to sound better. When it comes to mixdown time clients are in good hands. Mixing isn't just EQ and compression, it's knowing how to put the puzzle together. How to hear the finished song before you begin and knowing how to get there. Our work speaks for itself.